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Insurance coverage is supposed to protect several areas of your life. Auto and motorcycle insurance covers you while you are out on the road. Home and renter’s insurance policies protect your belongings. Health insurance and long-term care insurance plans help you and your loved ones if you become ill.

Unfortunately, not all insurance companies are willing to honor their commitment to you. If an insurance company has denied your valid claim, it is time to seek a legal partner to assist you. At Bodden & Bennett, we can connect you to a Florida insurance dispute lawyer who will help you through the process.

How Your Insurance Policy Works

The insurance industry is a complex business shaped by the laws of probability. The price you pay for your policy is based on the risk that the insurance company will have to pay out a claim. This risk is the reason that car insurance costs more for younger drivers and long-term care and life insurance costs more for older adults.

Regardless of the amount of the premium, once your plan is active, it is a contract. If your claim is valid, the insurance company must pay. This assistance can be essential when you or a loved one are dealing with a chronic illness or a debilitating injury.

However, like all businesses, insurance companies want to make a profit. Paying out claims hurts a company’s bottom line. An unethical company may try to delay paying out claims or invalidate claims they receive.

Signs You May Need an Insurance Claim Lawyer

When you make an insurance claim, you must receive your payment as soon as possible. Medical bills from an accident will add up quickly. The expenses of a stay in a nursing or other long-term care facility increase every day. Most families can only pay from their own resources for a short time before they will get into deep financial trouble.

If it seems like an insurance company is taking too long to investigate and pay your claim, you will want to get in contact with an experienced insurance dispute attorney. This expert will help you when an insurance company delays paying a valid claim, refuses to resolve your case, or does not investigate the issue promptly.

Often, insurance companies do not want to go through the court system. It damages their brand when they get a reputation for avoiding payments. A legal professional can help settle claims before they go into the courtroom.

Finding an Effective Florida Insurance Dispute Lawyer

When looking for an insurance claim lawyer, you want a team with a record of success. The Bodden & Bennett Law Group is ready to help Florida residents with their legal needs. Contact us today to learn more about we can make certain your insurance company honors its contract.

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