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Bodden and Bennett Law Group reviews claims on behalf of Americans who used JUUL vaporizers prior to November of 2018 and before turning 18 years of age, and became addicted to nicotine as a result.


About the JUUL Addiction Lawsuit

The makers of JUUL e-cigarettes and vapor pods, JUUL Labs, are being sued for failing to warn users of the risks associated with their products. JUUL’s products are marketed as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes, but they still contain nicotine. JUUL products contain significantly more nicotine than their leading competitors-and nicotine is an addictive and potentially harmful chemical.

Children and teens are the most likely to become addicted to nicotine, but it has been shown that nicotine can harm anyone at any age. Juul failed to warn users of these risks enough, and it may even have targeted children and teens directly.

Smoking cigarettes has never been more popular among teens and children, so JUUL doesn’t usually replace a dangerous habit. In reality, it’s a completely new hobby that they take up just because it seems “cool” and because it comes in flavors that appeal to them.

JUUL vapes have caused serious harm to children who became addicted to nicotine while using them. Bodden & Bennett Law Group wants JUUL held accountable for its actions. Those who developed an addiction to nicotine after using a JUUL vape while they were minors may be entitled to compensation.


Irresponsible Corporate Behavior

JUUL has been the most recognized name in the race to dominate the exploding e-cigarette market thus far. The company was recently valued at more than $38 billion, and it has received significant investment from a tobacco products conglomerate.

Despite this, it seems that much of its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is popular with children and teens. Quite a bit of effort was put into making JUUL appear young, hip, and appealing to younger consumers in its early days. It is alleged that the company advertised directly and intentionally to children and teens, going so far as to hold seminars in schools posing as mental health meetings.

JUUL did not stop this behavior until the federal and state governments started investigating and threatening the company with fines and legislation. Only after being forced by law did they begin to include adequate nicotine warnings on their products. JUUL products have already been used by millions of people without knowing the risks, including countless teens. Many of them now have nicotine addictions.


Fighting for Justice

Currently, Juul is attempting to clean up its act, but the damage has already been done. You may face health damage from nicotine in the future, pain, discomfort, and costs of quitting smoking if you were one of the tens of thousands who used JUUL products as a minor. If JUUL did harm to you, we believe it should be held accountable for that harm and should compensate you for it.

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Other than nicotine addiction, what other types of damage can nicotine cause?

Whenever a corporation or manufacturer fails to maintain the safety of products sold to the public, we Fight For The People. The use of e-cigarettes has been linked to multiple explosions and fires, as well as scores of reports of cancer and other lung-related illnesses. Please contact us right away for a free consultation if you or a family member has suffered injury or illness as a result of a JUUL or another e-cigarette device. Our goal is to seek justice and compensation for you.

Are there any age limits for JUUL lawsuits?

At this time, we are only accepting claims for JUUL users who became addicted before they turned 18.

Is it possible to file a claim on behalf of my child?

Yes, you can. As a parent or legal guardian, you have the right to file a lawsuit against a child or teen addicted to nicotine due to JUUL use.

In addition to recovering compensation for treatment of the addiction, we will also help you with other costs associated with this.


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