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You think it will never happen to you; you’re not a careless person, but the law group in Boynton Beach, Florida is the home base of the slip and fall law firm specialist Bodden and Bennett, your slip and fall attorneys. They have statistics that prove that these kinds of accidents happen more often than not all due to unsafe conditions. Bodden and Bennett Law Group, your experienced slip and fall lawyer, is in the business of protecting clients and ensuring that compensation is paid for any injuries. Yes, common sense should tell you that almost every person, young or old, has, at one time or another, slipped on wet pavement, tripped on uneven stairs in an office building where they work, or at a neighbors party or basement steps that have seen better days. So, if you have fallen down and injured through no fault of your own, some person or company could be liable.

In Florida, rainy weather often leaves slippery sidewalks and wet indoor business floors. Even if a slip and fall injury does not seem that bad, it is always advised that the accident victim at least consults with a slip and fall attorney in case their injuries cause problems down the road. Palm Beach County has an excellent and highly experienced slip and fall law firm of Bodden and Bennett Law that can advise on all aspects of these sorts of cases.

  • Work injuries make-up about 15 percent of all work-related injuries and tripping and falling and slipping are the second most common cause of fatalities in the workplace.
  • Your slip and fall lawyer also believes that you should know who the most prone to becoming injured are in a fall, trip, or slip. Adults (men and women) over 55 are usually the target for these types of accidents. One in every three over 65 falls every year and often repeat the fall many times over.

The slip and fall law firm of Bodden and Bennett in Boynton Beach, Florida, knows injuries can produce head traumas, hip fractures, serious lacerations as well as death. Your slip and fall attorney understands that you may have piles of medical bills, miss work for who knows how long plus all the tough to answer questions you’ll need answers to. You need to know your legal rights and have a slip and fall lawyer fighting for you – that’s our goal

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to answer all of your questions about personal injuries, medical treatment, motor vehicle damage, missed time from work, and insurance benefits. Immediately following a car crash there is a lot of confusion, fear, anxiety, and pain. Therefore, you will need a team to guide you through this process, especially if it happens to be your first crash. The Bodden & Bennett team will be here to show you the path forward and walk with you every step of the way.

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