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Every now and then you may read or hear about some high profile injury or wrongful death settlement that paid millions of dollars in punitive damages, but the truth is that the State of Florida is not that generous. If another party was negligent and therefore liable for your injury or death in Florida, under state law, some family members or beneficiaries of the untimely deceased individual may be entitled to compensation for their loss. If you choose to hire a wrongful death attorney at Bodden and Bennett Law Group, they will tell you that a wrongful death suit can be complicated since, in reality, it is a civil suit.

The attorneys and professionals at the Bodden and Bennett Law Group have handled many wrongful death cases in the past, many of which resulting in favorable outcomes for the families and beneficiaries affected by the loss of their loved one. From their experience, the professionals at the Bodden and Bennett Law Group understand the sadness and stress such a loss can cause to family members and loved ones. The Bodden and Bennett Law Group understands that the life of a person is immeasurable and while no amount of money can ever fully compensate family members and loved ones for such a loss, it is imperative to have attorneys who will aggressively fight to recover the maximum amount of benefits reasonably attainable and to hold those who caused such an unfortunate and untimely death accountable.

Workplace accidents and motor vehicle accidents are at top of the list when it comes to wrongful deaths. In the state of Florida, if you file a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim, you should not expect to walk away with millions of dollars, but if your lawsuit wins you can look forward to receiving compensation that could include suffering and pain as well as lost wages commensurate with what the lost loved one would have earned. Your wrongful death attorney also knows that funeral and medical costs can be part of any fair compensation they would seek on behalf of the client.

Note: Hiring a team of wrongful death attorneys is an important choice. Hiring inexperienced wrongful death attorneys could affect the outcome of a wrongful death case or the amount recovered for the family. The attorneys at the Bodden and Bennett Law Group has resolved dozens of wrongful death cases, either by trial or settlement, to their clients’ satisfaction. Families who have suffered such a loss should know that even if the party who caused the loss was not charged with any crime regarding the death, the standard of proof in a civil case is much different and it is still possible to hold that party liable in civil court.

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