8 Facts About Summer Car Accidents in South Florida

by Jun 24, 2021Auto Accident, Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accident, Truck Accident

8 Facts About Summer Car Accidents in South Florida

by Jun 24, 2021Auto Accident, Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accident, Truck Accident

8 Facts About Summer Car Accidents in South Florida
8 Facts About Summer Car Accidents in South Florida

Summer is, by far, the deadliest time of year for car accidents in the South Florida area. More people are on the roads for a variety of reasons, including longer daylight hours, school being out of session, and more vacationers around. The roads are also drier and visibility is better due to clearer weather conditions.

Although many drivers are highly experienced and careful while behind the wheel, and despite the excellent driving conditions during the summer, accidents are more common. August is the deadliest month for accidents as there are more fatal crashes at that time than during any other month. There are eight key faces to know about summer car accidents in South Florida.

1. There are Many More Drivers on the Roads

Florida is one of the best destinations in the country for tourists and vacationers. As a result, in addition to the usual residents on South Florida’s roads, there are even more people driving during the summer. Kids are also out of school until the next season. Younger drivers are hitting the roads as well as they learn how to drive and get their driver’s licenses during the summer.

Newer, inexperienced drivers and those who are from out of town are more likely to get confused or distracted behind the wheel. There are also more attractions taking place during the summer months, which can easily lead to more car accidents in South Florida at that time.

There is also more road construction done during the summer as a result of the nicer, clearer weather. With more drivers on the road, in general, accidents are far more likely to happen when there’s additional road construction. There may be more obstructions on the road, which can easily lead to a collision.

2. More People are Driving While Impaired

During the summer, more people in the South Florida area are out at bars, restaurants, or parties where there’s access to alcohol. People enjoy a drink or a few and end up becoming tipsy or downright intoxicated. Later, they end up getting behind the wheel to get back home. Even with just one drink, impaired drivers cause a significant number of car accidents during the summer.

There are many more accidents on South Florida roads in the summer due to impaired driving. The Fourth of July, in particular, marks a sharp increase in car accidents in South Florida.

3. There’s a Higher Risk of Tire Blowouts

The intense heat in South Florida summers adversely affects tires and road conditions. With such high temperatures, the pavement on the roads becomes much hotter than they can handle, which leads to tire blowouts. When a tire blowout occurs, a driver can lose control of their vehicle and end up getting into an accident.

Drivers can prevent this problem from happening by getting their tires inspected to ensure that they’re in good condition before hitting the road.

4. More Cyclists and Motorcyclists are Sharing the Roads

In addition to more cars and other, larger vehicles on the roads, there are even more cyclists and motorcyclists sharing the roads in the summer in the South Florida area. With the warm, sunny weather in full swing, people want to get out there and ride their bicycles and motorcycles and enjoy it. Sadly, many drivers of larger vehicles often don’t pay attention to these smaller vehicles. Road accidents resulting in serious injuries and fatalities are more likely to happen as a result.

If you have a loved one who was injured while riding a bike or motorcycle, a car accident attorney in South Florida can help.

5. There are More Teen Drivers on the Roads

In the summer, more teens are driving than ever, which means more car accidents in South Florida during this time. Teens are inexperienced, especially when they are just beginning to learn how to drive. They may not know the proper way to react in certain situations and can more easily become distracted due to a variety of factors. More car accidents can end up happening as a result. Sadly, each summer, more than 200 teens are killed in crashes on Florida roads, with those numbers dramatically increasing with each passing year.

6. Drivers are More Likely to Experience Heat and Exhaustion

With so much sun and heat in South Florida during the summer, it’s only natural that some drivers are going to suffer from heat exhaustion. While those whose air conditioning works fine end up being fine, those whose air conditioning breaks down or who don’t have it at all can be affected. The extreme heat causes fatigue, which can make for a dangerous situation behind the wheel, even if a driver has water with them to stay hydrated. If you are involved in a collision with someone, you can consult with a car accident attorney in South Florida.

7. There are more Distracted Drivers on the Roads

Distracted driving is a problem all over the country, but it can be particularly bad during the summer in South Florida. People may be checking their cell phones frequently, engaging in calls or texting, fiddling with music controls or the GPS. Even something as simple as daydreaming can cause an accident. When a driver takes their eyes off the road for even five seconds, it can be disastrous and lead to a serious car accident.

8. There’s More Construction on the Roads

More construction takes place during the summer thanks to the nicer weather. Drivers may not slow down when they should, which poses serious risks to road workers and people in other vehicles. Sometimes, the construction crew may not put up clear markings, barriers, or warnings, which can also lead to car accidents.

A car accident attorney in South Florida can help you if you’ve been injured in a road accident. Contact Bodden and Bennett to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.

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