Common injuries from slip and fall accidents in Boynton Beach

by Sep 16, 2021Slip and Fall Injury

Common injuries from slip and fall accidents in Boynton Beach

by Sep 16, 2021Slip and Fall Injury

Boynton Beach Slip and fall injury report
Boynton Beach Slip and fall injury report

Many people do not realize that slip and fall accidents are the cause of over 9 million visits to the emergency room each year. Injuries from slip and fall accidents can be severe, and some falls may result in permanent injuries or even death.

Slip and fall accidents in Boynton Beach can happen on any property or in any environment. The injuries that you suffer will largely depend on the type of fall. Falling frontwards causes different injuries, as opposed to, falling squarely on your bottom or landing flat on your back.

If you have suffered an injury in this way, it is imperative that you speak with a Boynton Beach slip and fall attorney about your rights to file a compensation claim.

Slip and Fall Cases Can Be Very Complex

When you are injured in a slip and fall accident, it will be your responsibility as the injured party to show that a property owner is responsible. You must be able to prove that the responsible party knew, or should have known, that there was a problem, and they failed to make the necessary corrections to keep the property safe.

This can be difficult because when a slip and fall occurs, some property owners are often quick to fix the problem, leaving little physical evidence behind.

This is why it is important to work with a Boynton Beach slip and fall attorney. Your attorney can request repair records, maintenance records, surveillance videos, and other information to build a case to show that your fall was a direct result of the property owners’ negligence.

Falls account for over 8 million hospital emergency room visits, representing the leading cause of visits (21.3%). Slips and falls account for over 1 million visits or 12% of total falls.

Common Injuries From Slip And Fall Accidents in Boynton Beach

All slip and fall accidents in Boynton Beach will be unique events. The fall and the resulting injuries will be different in each case because each person is unique. However, most of these accidents result in common injuries that vary in degrees of severity. Your fall may result in one or more injuries depending on the circumstances. Some of the most common injuries include:

Wrist, Elbow and Shoulder/Rotator Cuff Injuries

If you fall frontward, it is common to try to brace yourself when you are falling or to try to stop the fall and protect your face and head. In doing this, your wrist, elbow, and shoulder can be injured. Rotator cuffs can be damaged or torn on impact. Injuries like these can lead to extensive therapy and healing time and can impact your ability to do even the simplest tasks until they heal.

Ankle, Knee, and Hip Fractures

Twisting of the ankle and knee during the fall can lead to serious injuries or fractures. The hip bones, especially if you are elderly, can fracture on impact. Depending on how you slipped, you can also twist your legs under you, which can lead to torn muscles and muscular strains. These injuries are painful and may require physical therapy to heal.

Tailbone Fractures

Landing on your bottom may sound like the best way to fall, but it can also lead to fractures of the tailbone. Of course, because of the location of this bone, it is impossible to cast it or to secure it in any way possible for it to heal. Tailbone injuries can result in many months of pain and loss of ability to do regular activities until the bone is healed.

Spine and Neck Injuries

It is not uncommon in slip and fall accidents in Boynton Beach to cause a whiplash effect on the neck as you are jerked violently in a downward motion. It is also very common for people who land on their back to suffer injuries to their spine. However, you do not have to land on your back for injuries to occur.

Your spine is designed for motion. But, when that motion is sudden, or the person is unprepared, the spine may not react correctly, leading to pinched nerves and injuries to the discs. This can cause sciatica and other painful conditions. Spine injuries can take significant time to heal, and some injuries may be life-long.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Any violent movement of the head can cause the brain to bounce around in the skull. The impact of a fall on the head can also cause brain injuries. These types of injuries can be life-altering and life-threatening. Brain injuries are unique, and even the slightest impact on the skull can result in long-lasting effects.

Because traumatic brain injury can result in so many issues for the injured party, this is one of the most serious of all injuries associated with slip and fall events.

Cuts, Bruising, and Strains

While cuts, bruising, and muscle strains are not as serious as traumatic brain injuries, they still inflict pain, discomfort and can lead to restricted movement and abilities for a period of time. These injuries should not be overlooked because they would have never happened if the property manager was not negligent in their actions.

Speak With A Boynton Beach Attorney About Your Accident

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, speaking with an attorney will always be beneficial. Slip and fall events happen more often than you may believe and are the leading cause of injuries in people over 55 years old.

Slip and fall events should never be overlooked as just a fall. Your injuries are real. Your pain and discomfort are real. The time you miss from work is causing you financial strain. The cost of therapy is not in your budget, and you should not be held accountable for all the expenses and suffer these losses because of someone else’s negligence.

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, report the accident immediately to management or the owner of the property. Fill out an accident report and seek immediate medical care. Once you have stabilized your injuries, contact a Boynton Beach slip and fall attorney to manage your compensation claim.

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