Florida motorcycle crash claims and summer weather

by Jun 5, 2020Motorcycle Accident

Florida motorcycle crash claims and summer weather

by Jun 5, 2020Motorcycle Accident

Florida motorcycle crash claims and and how they are affected by summer weather
Florida motorcycle crash claims and and how they are affected by summer weather

The Bodden and Bennett Law Group: Here to help with Motorcycle crash claims this summer!

Nice weather, Bad Motorcycle crashes

Summer is here, and with the warmer weather, many Americans in South Florida will be dusting off their motorcycles and taking long rides throughout the state. Although Florida doesn’t get very cold in the winter, the warm summer weather is the perfect time to enjoy the fresh air and visit various places with the freedom of rumbling the open air on a sweet ride. However, there are two sides to every coin as many have learned from experience. When people start riding again, it’s natural to need a bit of practice to obtain balance, and this coupled with various weather concerns will increase the number of motorcycle accidents in the state of Florida.

It’s important to have a reliable motorcycle accident lawyer at your side like the Bodden and Bennett Law Group to gain legal power over the right to insurance claims due to motorcycle accidents. Insurance companies can be difficult to work with, and you don’t have to go at it alone with our professionals in your corner every step of the way. So, sit back and let us deliberate the potential actions to get the financial recovery you deserve.

Filing a crash claim with Bodden and Bennett Law

With free consultation offered in all cases, we are giving a true service for those in need with accessibility and reliability. We have the capacity, knowledge, and skills to serve all of South Florida, and give our all when combating those who may not have your best interest in mind regarding Florida motorcycle crash claims.

There are many loopholes and fine print that needs to be analyzed properly in the hands of professionals that couldn’t be handled as efficiently by you going solo. There is power in working together, and the Bodden and Bennett Law Group has the expertise to guide you through the process with attaining the benefits you are entitled to. Cases are handled throughout all of Florida and we take pride in serving the community at large with professional legal practice.

Obstacles to obtaining insurance compensation for crashes

The primary goal at the Bodden and Bennett Law Group is to give you the compensation you deserve for motorcycle crashes as well as other collisions. This time of the year is especially high in the rate of motorcycle crashes. Variables that go into the mix may make things messy during the process after the crash when attempting to claim the money you need to get through tough and unforeseen times.

Our knowledge of the law is a powerful weapon that can be used to force the insurance companies to do their job properly and give you proper compensation for your crash. These companies have been noted to attempt to weasel their way out of paying motorcycle riders especially, likening their excursions to the risk of a smoker. Despite this, some understand the law better than you, and it would be wise to put these types of legal issues in our hands for maximum financial compensation.

Solutions towards crashing problems

Fairness and balanced scales are the names of the game with the Bodden and Bennett Law Group, and you will benefit greatly from consulting with us to come up with legal solutions. You’ve suffered enough pain to have to fight the insurance companies by yourself, and that’s why the Bodden and Bennett Law Group will be at your side to provide expert professional legal consultation. We consist of a multi-cultural team that works together to initiate positive change in everyone’s life. Enriching the work culture is just as important to us as making sure you get your compensation.

Being fluent in various languages, there are no barriers between you and the money you deserve from any motorcycle incident. We will provide you with a motorcycle accident lawyer to serve people of all ages and backgrounds and treat all with fairness and equality. One amazing aspect of the Bodden and Bennett Law Group is that we don’t charge any initial surprise fees. You pay absolutely nothing unless we win the case for you, which is a high possibility with our upstanding professionals at your disposal.

Staying safe while riding a motorcycle in bad weather

One of the most common variables that the insurance agencies will look into is what the weather was like. For instance, if it was raining, then they might try to say that you made a poor decision and decide to not cover you based on that alone. There are all sorts of ways that you can get denied what you deserve. Generally speaking, it’s not the wisest idea to ride in an intense storm or even a drizzle that increases the risk. However, we believe in and support your right as an American to do what you want, and coverage should still extend to those who had accidents in bad weather. Avoiding the pain and discomfort of these situations is impossible because people simply love motorcycles, and can you blame them? Of course not, and that’s why we will defend any case where there is bad weather involved.

The process of understanding how to get compensated and the insurance company lingo can be daunting and frustrating. In some cases, it may be insurmountable, and that’s why it’s important to have a group of people from all backgrounds who are skilled in deciphering the legal jargon so that you can better protect yourself from getting ripped off by a company that seeks to hold your entitled claim. This can all be circumvented in court, and we will fight to the bitter end, treating each case with the same importance. Integrity, justice, and balance are all attributes that make up our incredible team to fight for you!

Accident prevention tips to stay safe this summer!

There are many ways to prevent accidents and make them safer on the whole. The first that comes to mind is utilizing a helmet. If the driver is injured without a helmet, then it may be harder to file for claims based on the insurance coverage for motorcyclists. Avoiding high winds and heavy rain can also be helpful when pursuing a cycling excursion. No matter what preventative measures are taken, there will always be accidents because it’s not a perfect world. There is much traffic, and cars can be deadly when colliding with a smaller motorcycle. In some instances, you may have your capacity for movement taken from you. It is in these dire moments when legal assistance is most important.

Someone who is already incapacitated due to the injury but is still conscious should take the advice of the Bodden and Bennett Law Group to fight for them. None of these circumstances can be predicted, and each particular file will be a different story. This is why it’s imperative to get the legal facts straight to increase to potential to recover as much compensation as possible.

Crash consultations serving South Florida cyclists

The Bodden and Bennett Law Group has all the necessary tools to accurately assess each given situation and find the proper plan of action for each individual with no discrimination of their religious or ethnic background. Everyone is treated as an equal, and our legal consultation is efficient and noteworthy among satisfied customers. We have a proven track record that will propel your case to victory, without settling for less. Being highly concerned with respect for our clients, we take the weight off of people who are already burdened with motorcycle injuries and many other cases. Seek our counsel today and take a look at the testimonies on our website to gain a comprehensive understanding of the services people have come to expect from our professional lawyers. We handle a wide variety of cases, but with the weather changing, motorcycle incidents will be one of our priorities.

If you enjoy riding around town, it’s important to know which professionals to consult in the event of an emergency crash. It would be wise to have us in your phone already to ensure complete peace of mind when dealing with the insurance companies. This is an exceptional service, and we strive to give legal results that will compensate you in your sufferings, as well as those who love you. Having a family mindset is what it’s about with us, and we do everything in our legal power and expertise to ensure a brighter and safer future for all motorcyclists in Florida!

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