Food Delivery Driver Accident in South Florida? Who’s Responsible?

by Sep 29, 2022Auto Accident, Bicycle Accident, Car Accidents, Distracted Driving, Motorcycle Accident

Food Delivery Driver Accident in South Florida? Who’s Responsible?

by Sep 29, 2022Auto Accident, Bicycle Accident, Car Accidents, Distracted Driving, Motorcycle Accident

Food Delivery Driver Accident in South Florida
Food Delivery Driver Accident in South Florida

Who is liable for a food delivery driver accident in South Florida?

Accidents may result when delivery drivers are pressed for time to deliver food and other goods to consumers. The issue of who can be sued for personal injuries when a delivery driver causes a car accident arises.

It’s crucial to recognize who is in charge of an accident with a food delivery driver for DoorDash, Grubhub, Instacart, Postmates, Shipt, Uber Eats, and similar companies that are competing for those five-star ratings.

Food delivery drivers are more likely to crash than other drivers.

Food delivery services are growing increasingly popular as people see the advantages of getting groceries or meals delivered directly to their door. Due to this, more people are now providing food, frequently in bad weather or during rush hour.

Although delivering food is a challenging job, everyone is at risk from a delivery driver’s accident.

Who is to blame if a food delivery driver accident in South Florida and I collide?

Drivers in Florida who are involved in an accident must submit a claim to their insurance company.

In Florida, most food delivery drivers have personal auto insurance. However, if the at-fault motorist is actively in the process of making a meal delivery, the at-fault driver’s auto insurance may refuse compensation as the insurance company may qualify this as a form of commercial driving. In these instances, the commercial insurance policy of the food delivery company will likely apply.

Is the food app delivery driver at fault for distracted driving accidents in Florida?

You will likely be able to sue the firm that employs the driver if it turns out that the restaurant or other establishment is responsible. In most cases, when a person acts carelessly while on the job, the employer is held accountable. Vicarious liability is the phrase used in legal jargon to describe this.

You and your auto accident lawyer must thoroughly review the company’s insurance plans. While some large franchises and eateries have comprehensive insurance, several food delivery firms offer just limited insurance or none for their drivers.

Furthermore, a lot of delivery drivers work as independent contractors. You could find it more difficult to file claims in these circumstances. Although there are a few exceptions, a firm is typically not liable for an independent contractor’s negligence.

Some app delivery driver services, like Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash, require their drivers to hold sizable commercial liability insurance premiums. But whether the driver was on an active assignment can affect that coverage.

In other circumstances, the app only provides drivers with an “excess” auto insurance policy, which means liability coverage only becomes effective after the driver’s motor insurance has run out.

The app’s coverage won’t protect the driver if they don’t have insurance. Drivers depend on liability insurance because some companies don’t offer any insurance coverage.

Drivers’ Insurance Coverage for Food Delivery

Most restaurants that deliver food designate their drivers as independent contractors rather than employees. This indicates that certain businesses might be legally exempt from responsibility for a driver’s behavior.

However, if a food delivery driver causes a collision, their motor insurance may not be sufficient to pay for the victim’s damages. Some meal delivery service providers might offer insurance liability in these circumstances.

Aspects contributing to food delivery accidents

Drivers who deliver food might be slightly more inattentive than other drivers and could be more likely to be involved in collisions. Here are a few elements that affect food delivery mishaps:

Not enough experience

Drivers that deliver food are typically younger. Younger drivers frequently have less experience behind the wheel than older drivers, which makes them more likely to commit errors like speeding and distracted driving.

Strong Pressure

Drivers of food delivery services are under tremendous pressure to deliver food efficiently and precisely. If their drivers receive negative client reviews, certain meal delivery firms will discipline them.

Therefore, drivers often travel as quickly as possible to increase their tips and receive higher client evaluations. This might encourage speeding and lead to unsafe driving.

More time spent in the car

Additionally, compared to the ordinary person, delivery drivers spend more time driving. Therefore, the more time you spend on the road, the greater the chance you’ll be in an accident.

Delivery drivers frequently travel through unknown neighborhoods and on unfamiliar routes. They may travel while it is dark, foggy, or raining. Their risk of an accident rises as a result of everything.

Because they might use their phones and get distracted while driving, most delivery drivers also have extra connectivity.

Many drivers utilize navigation tools to locate pickup and delivery locations, while others stay in contact with the customer the entire time they drive.

If a food delivery driver’s accident in South Florida resulted in your harm, is compensation due to you?

Your damages should be covered if the motorist has a business auto policy. This presupposes that the driver’s carelessness was what injured you. It also implies that the driver is covered by liability insurance for physical harm.

How might you get hurt in a food delivery driver accident in South Florida?

You could get hurt in a lot of different ways, but the following are the most typical ones:

  • Contusions and bruises
  • Whiplash
  • Back and neck pain
  • Concussions
  • Traumatic encephalopathy
  • Bone fractures
  • Internal bleeding

Those hurt by careless delivery drivers should get in touch with an experienced personal injury lawyer to review their options.

What to do on the roads if you are a food delivery driver?

When you deliver meals, you’re frequently under time pressure to get to the customer’s residence. Nothing, not even your customer’s delight, is worth putting yourself or others in danger for. Take your time, follow the road rules, and drive cautiously.

Accidents do happen. Put your safety and well-being first if you’re in one. Check yourself right away for any severe injuries. Stay put and make an emergency call if you are critically hurt.

If you are involved in a crash, look around to see if anyone else needs your assistance. If you can administer first aid, do so before dialing 911 for service.

Hurriedly recovering

Continue placing a high priority on your health and well-being in the days following an accident. It’s always preferable to see a doctor, regardless of how you feel. They can provide you with advice regarding any potential wounds you could have and assist you as you heal.

Deliverable insurance

As you heal, worrying about high medical costs will be the last thing on your mind. Before you begin delivering meals, ask your health and auto insurance companies if they would cover you as a contract delivery driver.

Contract workers may receive supplementary insurance from some employers. Look into the sort of coverage you are eligible for. If something happens, having insurance on hand will save you both time and money.

If you’ve been wounded, a personal injury attorney may be necessary.

An auto accident lawyer in Florida could be able to aid you if a delivery driver hurt you.

Contact the Bodden and Bennett Law Group online or call (561) 806-5229 if you have been injured by a food delivery driver.

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