How Car Accidents in Florida Are Handled During Holidays

by Dec 30, 2020Auto Accident, Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accident, Truck Accident

How Car Accidents in Florida Are Handled During Holidays

by Dec 30, 2020Auto Accident, Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accident, Truck Accident

How Car Accidents in Florida Are Handled During Holidays
How Car Accidents in Florida Are Handled During Holidays

40% of car accidents in Florida during the festive season are caused by drunk driving. The national institute of alcohol abuse and alcoholism (NHTSA) indicates a 12% increase from the rest of the year. Holidays are the best part of the year, and you are probably looking forward to spending them in Florida.

Florida is a central tourism hub touted as “the happiest place on earth.” It is laden with good sites that draw tourists like a magnet. You can hit the roller coaster, catch Hollywood’s latest blockbuster in a 3D ride, and close interaction with the alligators.

The sites to visit are endless, while this is epic accidents are unavoidable. You may need knowledge on how to handle car accidents to help you navigate through this unfortunate incident. Over 100 million people trickle into Florida from around the world to catch a glimpse of the world-class attractions and alluring nightlife.

It is almost Christmas and a new year, the biggest holidays of the year; many services may be closed during the time, making it necessary to combat car accidents during Christmas.

Before delving into how to handle car accidents, you must know the statute of limitations and jurisdiction of the Florida state.

Jurisdiction and the Statute of Limitations

The statute of limitation states that you must file a claim before the end of the stipulated time. It also dictates that the car accident must have occurred within the state of Florida for the case to be legitimate.

It applies differently to different people and institutions. A car accident case against another individual has four years filling window. While a claim against a government agency has a three-year notice provision within the four-year statute of limitation. For a wrongful death case and any professional malpractice case such as medical malpractice, the time limit is two years.

The jurisdiction limit ascertained whether the car accident happened in Florida. It prevents the filing of claims for accidents that occurred in other states like California. You must be able to prove the car accidents took place within the boundaries of Florida.

How to Handle Car Accidents During the Holidays in Florida?

First, it depends on the type of car you are driving. Is it a personal or a rental car?

How to handle car accidents during the holidays involving your car?

If you are involved in an accident, follow these steps to have a strong case if you are damaged or suffer a personal injury.

Be always prepared

Part of the preparations is pre-accident have the car details, registration numbers, insurance card, and medical information bound together in an easily accessible place. Have a battery backup for your phone as it is your means of communication.


The law stipulates that you must make a stop whether you are the perpetrator or victim. If your car can still move, park it in a nearby lot to prevent traffic back-ups. Turn on the emergency lights to warn other motorists plying that route.

Call law enforcement officers

Depending on the accident’s severity, you can call 911 or the Florida highway patrol through their hotline number *FHP(*347). Give the police your location, name, the nearest intersection. If the accident was not severe, and the police do not show up, report it to the nearest police department. Suppose police officers reply and ask for their names, badge numbers, and when a copy of their report will be available. Please answer the questions truthfully and do not disclose your insurance coverage information. Also, do not take responsibility for the accident in the absence of an attorney.

Record evidence

The evidence will come to your aid later when you are required to substantiate your claim. With the technological revolution, you can use your phone to take pictures, which you will use to make copies later. You can take details of names, vehicle registration numbers, and witnesses if any. Also, take photographs of all the vehicles involved.
Do not leave: Only leave the scene after liaising with authorities. It will help to absolve you from blame. Also, seek medical attention if you are hurt.

Contact your insurer

Contact your insurance company and claim while the ordeal details are fresh in your mind.

Contact a qualified car accident attorney.

How to handle car accidents during Christmas in a rental car

It is Christmas, and you are not a Florida native; you are prompted to hire a car for your movements. Holding car rental companies liable for the accident is next to impossible. It ensures a thorough safety check on the vehicle will save you from looking for ways to handle car accidents during Christmas. The only case that may stand against a rental company in court is to prove there was negligence on their end. Do the necessary checks to save yourself from the hassle of finding an attorney to handle car accidents during holidays.

Driving Tips During the Holidays

Observe the do not drink and drive rule

Well, holidays are for merrymaking, but you should not overindulge in alcohol and other substances. Safety starts with you by avoiding taking the wheel when under the influence. It will not only safeguard you but also protect your family from accidents. Many accidents are caused by drivers under the influence (DUI). You can enlist the help of a designated driver if you plan to consume alcohol. Alternatively, you can use rideshare services like Uber and Lyft.

Pay attention to the road

Avoid distractions like taking phone calls while behind the wheel. If you must answer the call, pull over and safely do so. While behind the wheel, focus all your attention on the road for the safety of every yourself and every other driver.

Be calm even under stressful conditions

The festivities can bring heightened pressure on you. You have to ponder which gifts to give to family and friends while staying within budget. Please keep your calm and avoid road rage.

Get good sleep

It is dangerous to drive with straining eyes. Lack of enough sleep causes tiredness so always ensure you have had at least an eight-hour sleep before driving for long distances. Mental stress from sleep deprivation may lead to accidents as well.

If you or your family is involved in a road accident, seek medical attention right away. Many hospitals in Florida offer good medical services. You can call law enforcement officers using 911 or call the Florida highway patrol using *347.

Having a personal attorney to handle your car accident during holidays is essential. The attorney can go back to the accident scene and construct a claim or defense case for you. An attorney has a better understanding of Florida law than non-lawyers. Always ensure you have one to help you to handle a car accident.

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