The top 3 causes of fatal car crashes in Florida

by Apr 16, 2020Car Accidents

The top 3 causes of fatal car crashes in Florida

by Apr 16, 2020Car Accidents

The top 3 causes of fatal car crashes in Boynton Beach Florida
The top 3 causes of fatal car crashes in Boynton Beach Florida

The roads are a dangerous place, even for the most skilled driver. It’s estimated that there is a fatal car crash every 50 minutes in this country, and 40,000 people will lose their life. In the state of Florida, there is an average of 395,000 car crashes each year. Accidents are the leading cause of death in the United States. Sadly, most of these accidents can be avoided.


Florida is a beautiful state that has great appeal for that craving sunshine and beaches. It’s one of the best vacation destinations for any family. However, the increase in traffic makes driving treacherous. You put your life at risk every time you step into the vehicle, and you must be on the lookout for the other driver. Here are some of the most dangerous highways in “The Sunshine State.”


It’s estimated that more than 300,000 vehicles are traveling on this roadway every day as it spans 15 states. The higher speed limits are a recipe for disaster. I-95 takes people up and down the eastern side of the country. However, it’s been listed as the second most dangerous highway in America as an average of 200 people loses their life in accidents each year.


More than two million motorists travel on Florida’s Turnpike every day. You may hear it referred to as the Ronald Reagan Turnpike, but the roads are the same. The road gets a pretty good reputation as daytime travel is friendly. However, there is a great deal of wrong-way crashes that occur at night.

The road is filled with people who speed, vacationers who are trying to navigate, and the various amount of debris and potholes. No wonder it’s a recipe for disaster. If you must travel this roadway and are not familiar with it, then you should do so during daylight hours to avoid an incident.


State Road, also called A1A Scenic and Historic Coastal Byway runs alongside the Atlantic Ocean. If you’re going through the Southernmost ocean towns, then you will likely travel this highway. While there is plenty of lush foliage and gorgeous scenery along the way, there’s also a great deal of traffic.

With commuters going from the Keys over to Miami Beach and up to Georgia’s coastline, it can get quite congested in some areas. The biggest problem on this roadway is distracted drivers taking in all the sights, as well as those who speed excessively. The entire stretch of road is only 72 miles long, but you need to be cautious. Keep your eyes on the highway, and don’t be distracted by nature.


The biggest issue that drivers have with Military Trail SR-809 is that it seems to have constant construction projects. It’s a short 46-mile road that has six lanes going North and South. However, the construction can turn a short 20-minute trip into a one-hour nightmare.

Two things that plaque this roadway is the shoulder drop-offs, and the plethora of negligent drivers that seem to frequent it. While car accidents are a concern, having an accident in a construction zone adds a whole other level of complexity. An attorney could file a suit against the government agency if the construction caused your accident.


There are many reasons that a person might be involved in an automobile accident in the state of Florida. You must be cautious of the vehicles on the road with you. Though many things can cause an accident, here are the three most common causes.


Distracted driving has become normal. People talk and text on their cell phones, try to do their makeup or shave, conduct business, eat, and take care of their children. Trying to do this many activities while operating a motor vehicle is dangerous, and it’s a negligent activity that can result in a serious car accident.


People automatically think a DUI means that a person is driving while using illegal drugs. Anything that impairs your ability to operate a motor vehicle properly can result in a DUI charge, which can include over-the-counter medications. Most of the accidents that have fatalities involved are because a person is operating a motor vehicle beyond the legal limits for alcohol, or drugs impair them.


The speed limits on Florida’s freeways average 70 miles per hour. However, there are some rural spots in the rural areas of the highway that people will well exceed these limits. Speeding is dangerous because it inhibits your ability to stop safely should a crash become imminent. The faster you are going when you collide, the worse the outcome.


Many states put the responsibility on one party making them accountable for the entire accident. However, things can be quite complicated if a victim needs to be compensated for their injuries. Florida does things differently than most states as they allocate payment based on the comparative negligence laws.

Each person will be assigned a degree of fault in the accident. If you have any guilt in the collision, then your compensation amount will be reduced. Having a Florida car crash attorney is imperative.

Let’s assume that you are found to be 30 percent accountable for the accident. If you go to court asking for $50,000 in damages, then you would only get $35,000. You would be required to forgo the $15,000 as it’s allocated for your fault in the incident.


When it comes to fatal car crashes in Florida, similar rules apply. If the person who passed is in any way responsible for the accident, then the beneficiaries will have the amount they seek for compensation reduced. Additionally, you only have two years to present a case to the court asking for payment.

Who can file a wrongful death claim? Well, it can be submitted by a spouse, children, or parents of minor children (i.e. 25 years or younger). Filing a suit requires you to ask for a specific amount in compensation, which includes:

  • Loss of Wages Both Now and in the Future
  • Loss of Companionship
  • Pain and Suffering/Mental Anguish
  • Funeral Expenses
  • Medical Bills

A Florida car crash attorney will gather information and file the claim on your behalf. The lawyer will need to prove that the defendant is negligent and caused the crash. It’s sometimes challenging to prove carelessness, but when someone has lost their life due to the reckless acts of another driver, then they need to pay.

There are fatal car crashes in Florida every day. An area so beautiful is filled with traffic and congestion, which only exacerbates the problem. If you or your loved one have been involved in an accident that has caused injury or death, then you need an attorney to help.

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