What if you’re the passenger in a rideshare auto accident?

by Sep 17, 2019Auto Accident

What if you’re the passenger in a rideshare auto accident?

by Sep 17, 2019Auto Accident

Rideshare Accident Attorney - Bodden and Bennett Law Group
Rideshare Accident Attorney - Bodden and Bennett Law Group

Although Uber has only been around since the year 2009, these ridesharing companies have become incredibly popular in the last few years. With their increasing presence on the road, Uber and Lyft vehicles do get into auto accidents from time to time. What are the provisions for such an event if you are a passenger or a driver in a rideshare accident?

Representatives of the companies state that all of their drivers are required to undergo background checks before they start driving for them. Any of their drivers who have patterns of unsafe driving (such as accidents) are no longer allowed to drive for the company Uber. Yet the rideshare company accidents still happen.

Anyone who is a user of the ridesharing companies needs to understand what to do if he or she becomes a victim of a car accident and how to receive compensation for injuries sustained.

What Should You Do First in a Rideshare Auto Accident?

If you have the unfortunate experience to be part of an Uber or Lyft accident, you should react just as you would in any type of auto accident. Should you require urgent medical assistance, then you should dial 911 immediately.

Regardless of whether or not a passenger sustained injuries, you need to talk (and exchange insurance information) with the rideshare driver, any additional passengers, and any relevant witnesses. You will want to obtain and write down all of the following information:

  • Name and information of your driver
  • Names, contact details, and insurance information for other parties involved in the accident
  • Additional contact information from witnesses who saw the accident

You also need to take pictures of the accident if you possibly can. You can utilize your smartphone to take videos and photos of the scene of the crash and the damaged vehicles involved. All of this information that you gather could be essential in proving your case if any unanticipated issues come up when you make a claim.

It is important to not depart from the accident scene until the police (and if applicable paramedics) have arrived and cleared you to go. You should remember to report this accident to both your own insurance company and the rideshare company as soon as you can.

Who Is Liable for Injuries After a Rideshare Auto Accident?

Because the peer-to-peer ride-sharing firms are a comparatively new phenomenon, the financial and liability aspects in these accidents are not always clear. Legislation and insurance policy protocols have not been fully established. Because these companies are subtly different from traditional taxi services, ride-sharing firms were able to sidestep the standard ride-hiring regulations and laws.

The good news is that Uber and Lyft do carry their own insurance policies for passengers and drivers who are hurt in ridesharing accidents. What makes it confusing is that this insurance can be a second line of defense after the personal insurance policy of the Uber driver.

If another driver is responsible for the accident, then his or her insurance may first cover any medical costs and damages. In the event that you are injured in a ridesharing company wreck, you may be able to obtain a fair settlement to cover your injuries.

Ridesharing Companies Insurance Policy Are Significant

Fortunately for people who suffer from accidents in a rideshare car, ridesharing companies carry a significant amount of money in their accident insurance policy. These policies provide significant amounts for damages to cover any personal injuries.

Can You Sue Uber or Lyft for Injury Damages?

In the event that passengers feel the need to file an accident-related lawsuit, the suit would target the driver who was at fault. Since many of their drivers’ policies will be insufficient to cover high medical bills, Uber and Lyft have arranged these accident policies for their drivers.

Don’t forget that rideshare drivers can also make a claim through the ridesharing insurance policy if the subject crash was caused by another driver. Many ridesharing drivers may not realize that their ridesharing companies offer uninsured motorist coverage which will offer financial protection for that driver if the at-fault driver in the crash does not carry enough insurance to cover the damages sustained in the crash.

Legal experts recommend that if you suffer from an accident while in an Uber or Lyft ride and if you experience injuries, then you should have an attorney send what is called a preservation of evidence letter to both the driver and the rideshare company. Such a letter makes sure that all of the information relevant to your particular ride gets correctly preserved. In some states, Uber or Lyft can have a lawsuit filed against them for failing to preserve such data.

If you need the services of a rideshare accident attorney, call The Bodden & Bennet Law Group today.

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