Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in South Florida

by Oct 21, 2021Pedestrian Accidents

Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents in South Florida

by Oct 21, 2021Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accident in South Florida
Pedestrian Accident in South Florida

12 Leading Factors for the Large Amount of Pedestrian Accidents in South Florida

South Florida is full of sun and sand, making it one of the most popular tourist vacation regions in the United States. With beautiful weather all year round, there is a crippling realization that not everything is okay on its roads. With so many people driving vans, trucks, and cars, the busy streets have had their fair share of pedestrian accidents.

Even when taking the most care, obeying traffic laws, and walking on sidewalks, some people will become inconsiderate and reckless, causing accidents. Due to the negligent behavior causing bodily harm, pedestrian accidents in South Florida can cause life-changing consequences. Here are common causes of pedestrian accidents in South Florida.

1. Ignoring speed limits

Speed limits are posted for the sole purpose of striking a balance between vehicles and pedestrians. The ratio ensures that drivers can travel to set destinations safely and fast by considering pedestrians’ need to use the roads. Drivers in South Florida are known for driving more quickly than the limit, recklessly weaving through traffic without paying attention to other road users. The result is usually bad accidents, some maiming and killing pedestrians.

2. Texting while driving

A lot of beautiful destinations are around South Florida. With families and friends striving to visit as many places as possible, the need to recheck destinations often leads to texting while driving. However, many fail to realize that you take away the concentration needed for the road while texting and driving, disregarding all other people.

The dangerous distraction can seem small at the moment, even exciting but can lead to severe consequences. As a pedestrian, take caution as there are a lot of distracted drivers on the road, and do not assume that they can see you. Suppose an accident occurs due to texting while driving, get a pedestrian accident attorney in South Florida such as Bodden and Bennett Law Group to help with the claim to cover the cost of injuries.

3. Aggressive driving

Some drivers in South Florida think that the vehicle offers enough insulation, allowing them to drive the way they want. Recklessness due to aggressive driving is the number one cause of pedestrian accidents, which occurs because the driver feels that other drivers should accommodate him. Their impatience leads to anger outbursts when other drivers do not drive as fast as them and lay on the horn, honking for every other vehicle to give them space within seconds. It results in two types of accidents. The driver themselves hit pedestrians as they swerved in traffic and secondly by hitting another vehicle that gets into an accident with a pedestrian.

4. Driving under the influence

Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is another common cause of pedestrian accidents in South Florida. Unfortunately, drivers under any influence cause the highest number of fatal accidents in South Florida. The most common time these types of accidents occur is late nights or early morning after reveling. The darkness makes it harder for such drivers to gauge the actual situation of pedestrians in the area and the state of the road. As a pedestrian, take care at crosswalks and only start crossing when all vehicles have stopped. A driver under the influence is impaired and may not recognize that their surroundings have other people.

5. Ignoring traffic signals

There are several ways a driver can cause a pedestrian accident intentionally or unintentionally when driving in South Florida. Unintentionally it can be caused by distractions inside the vehicle when they need something or other occupants attract their attention, dividing their attention. It may lead to ignoring traffic signals causing an accident. Intentional ignoring traffic signals example is when a driver starts driving before the light turns green because of time constraints.

Pedestrians injured when the driver intentionally ignores traffic signals have a high chance of winning suits by a pedestrian accident attorney in South Florida filled by Bodden and Bennett Law Group.

6. Sleeping

Falling asleep on the wheel is a significant problem for many overworked residents of South Florida. The problem is that with sleep deprivation, drivers lack a clear picture of their driving since they are less alert to their surroundings.

Truck drivers mainly cause these accidents as they work with strict deadlines, and some spend days on the road without having enough time to sleep and recharge the brain. Pedestrians should be keen when crossing or walking near trucks, as most accidents involving trucks result in the loss of life.

7. Weather conditions

Driving during shiny and dry conditions is always much more accessible than in dark rainy weather. With rain comes wind and flooding, which can cause vehicles to slip off the road or onto the sidewalks. The darkness associated with hail makes it harder to see clearly, resulting in pedestrian accidents in South Florida. Pedestrians are encouraged to stay indoors during terrible weather as sinkholes can occur or lightning can strike them.

8. Vehicle breakdown

Manufacturers build car parts that car owners gradually replace when they wear off after using them for a while. Without replacement, the pieces will eventually wear out, leading to complete failure while in use.

Equipment failure of the gas pedal can cause unintentional speeding out of the control of the driver. A serious accident can occur since there is nothing the driver can do at that time.

9. Wearing dark clothes

As the day turns into night, cars are likely to hit pedestrians wearing dark-colored clothing. Drivers cannot distinguish a person from the background while the vehicle is moving. To avoid being hit by a car at night, wear an article of light-colored clothing in addition to the darker clothing to ensure you are visible. Also, strive to walk on streets well lit or use a flashlight, especially at intersections.

10. Animals

Animals are highly unpredictable and can jump onto the road into oncoming traffic in front of drivers. Trying not to hit the animals, drivers swerve to the sides and may end up hitting pedestrians in the process. Smaller animals also have the same effect, and jumping on the road startles the driver enough to cause an accident.

11. Road construction

The prospect of a good road after completion of construction is thrilling and leaves many people expectant of its benefits. However, road construction in progress is hazardous as drivers cannot determine which parts of the road they can safely drive in.

The detours and shift lanes constructed for ease of movement are often too close to pedestrian walkways and can confuse both parties leading to an accident. Big construction vehicles are also a marvel to many motorists who stare at them, shifting focus from the road and causing accidents.

12. Multi-lane/arterial roads

Another common cause of accidents is multi-lane roads. Drivers on these roads have to deal with other drivers tailgating and making unsafe lane changes while they speed. While focusing on not hitting other vehicles, drivers can find themselves causing an accident to unsuspecting pedestrians.

The rise of pedestrian accidents in South Florida can also be a result of pedestrians themselves. When walking, please do not text or walk on the road. Unfortunately, even after taking care, you might still be involved in a pedestrian accident. Call Bodden and Bennett Law Group to guide you on what to do next. Our attorneys will help you:

  • File an insurance claim to pay damages from the accident
  • Pay medical costs
  • Get paid off time from work
  • Recovery compensation
  • Emotional distress

Contact us to get a free consultation to talk about your case if the thought of a lawsuit seems intimidating at first, to establish the next step forward.

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