Florida Water Park Accidents, What you Need to Know to Protect Your Family This Summer

by May 19, 2022Negligent Security, Personal Injury, Slip and Fall Injury

Florida Water Park Accidents, What you Need to Know to Protect Your Family This Summer

by May 19, 2022Negligent Security, Personal Injury, Slip and Fall Injury

Family having fun at Florida water park
Family having fun at Florida water park

Summer has arrived, and there’s no better way to beat the Florida heat than visiting a water park. Spending the day riding water activities or resting in the water park may appear harmless, but outdoor pools are a significant hub for accidents with so many visitors. Every year, many people visit the emergency department due to water park injuries, and people of any age are at risk. Some victims died due to their injury issues or drowning in the park. This summer, there are several reasons to stay safe at the water park.

Water Security

Basic water safety should be one of the most evident areas of concern. When you plan to use any adult slides and attractions, make sure everyone is a committed swimmer. If you’re taking small children, make sure they have a Coast Guard-approved life vest. The water park may provide one if your child is under 48 inches tall, but you are better off working to bring your own so that you know it will fit perfectly.

Appropriate Dress

For a trip to the park, you should, of course, bring your most comfortable swimsuit. However, you will need to get a hat and a loose t-shirt or bathing suit cover-up to prevent yourself from the sun. Bring swim shoes (also known as water shoes) to help you keep your footholds in the pool while also safeguarding your feet from the hot portland cement of the park walkways.

Understand What not to Bring

While many people understand the importance of packing certain items, they often overlook the importance of leaving some at home. First and foremost, do not bring any jewelry to the park. These can not only be stolen, but they can also become caught or snagged on slides. You should also get your mobile phone and keep it in a park locker in an emergency. However, it would help if you left all other electronics at home. These can make you a manageable security risk who looks for individuals who are too preoccupied with their children to keep track of their belongings.

Use a lot of Sunscreen

Use sunscreen with a high SPF and reapply it frequently. As a general rule, put some on as quickly as possible as you get out of the water. This may seem inconvenient if you are heading to be in and out of the pool the whole day, but it is still preferable to a sunburn.

Keep Your Children Safe

It would help if you had some special rules for your kids in addition to all of the mentioned tips previously. Make it clear to them that they should avoid strangers, especially if they become separated from you. Tell them to only seek assistance from people dressed in water park uniforms. Also, make a plan to meet somewhere, such as the lost and found or the recreational entrance, if you become separated. If your children are still in diapers, make sure you bring swimming pampers for them and change them in a designated area regularly to prevent the transfer of infections to others.

What to do if you get Hurt at a Florida Water Park

You must take steps following a Florida water park accident injury to protect your legal rights. To begin, you should always notify an employee of your injuries. Describe the injury’s cause and location. You should avoid discussing your injuries. Remember that you are not a specialist and cannot wholly diagnose injuries.

You should also gather evidence of the harm and accident. Photographs are ideal because they are difficult for an opposing attorney or insurance provider to refute. Evidence is critical in assumption liability cases, so document everything before park employees can confront any hazardous issues.

You should consult a doctor if you sustain any personal injury. Even if you feel fine, a doctor can perform a thorough examination and diagnose any internal injuries. Furthermore, an insurance company may interpret your failure to see a doctor as you overestimating your injury problems and deny your claim.

Who is Responsible for my Florida Water Park Accident

If you were injured at a water park, your negligence could have caused your accident. However, determining who is to blame may be difficult. Multiple parties could be responsible for your injuries at a water park. They are as follows:

  • Water park proprietors
  • Employees
  • Equipment manufacturers

Working with a South Florida injury lawyer is the most effective way to determine who is responsible for your losses.

Water Park Accident Lawyer in South Florida will be Around to Assist.

You should not have to suffer alone after sustaining a water park injury, nor should you be responsible for paying accident-related costs if another party’s negligent actions have caused your injuries. If you or a family member was seriously injured at a Florida Water Park, you should immediately seek the assistance of the best Florida water park accident attorney. Our Florida water park accident attorneys at Wolfson & Leon will give you many confidential and free consultations.


Children must understand how to start behaving in a pool away from home. Swimming in their backyard, where mom and dad are in the water with them (or nearby), and no one else can obstruct their view, can be a massive risk if your kids aren’t prepared ahead of time. Instituting a team approach with a brother, sister, or friend who is old enough to understand can be effective. You often swim with your buddy, and if something goes wrong, there will be visual contact so that help can be summoned quickly.

If your kids are too young for a support program and can’t keep an eye on them the rest of the time, it might be good to bring along a caregiver, a friend, a close relative, or other trusted individual to help keep everyone in the water on the track. When it comes to water, you can never have too much supervision. It only takes seconds for a child to suffocate. While you cannot always be with your kids, you can provide them with tools to help them if they find themselves in a difficult situation, regardless of their age. The investment in quality swimming classes beginning in infancy is one of the most effective defensive lines against water injuries and death in small children.

Water park operators should be held accountable when they fail to exercise reasonable caution and a guest suffers harm. This will prevent similar incidents from occurring again in the future. An experienced Florida water park accident lawyer can help you protect your rights, including your right to seek compensation, if you or a loved one was injured in an accident that could have been prevented. Contact the attorneys at the Bodden and Bennett Law Group for a free case evaluation.

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