Florida Teen Driving Accidents and Fatalities Increase During Prom and Graduation Season, Why?

by May 26, 2022Auto Accident, Car Accidents

Florida Teen Driving Accidents and Fatalities Increase During Prom and Graduation Season, Why?

by May 26, 2022Auto Accident, Car Accidents

Florida Teen Graduation
Florida Teen Graduation

It has been reported that Florida teen driving accidents and fatalities increase during prom and graduation season; why? During prom and graduation season, teenagers have a lot on their minds. They’re likely thinking about the future and how much time they have left with their friends. And while they may not be consciously aware of it, the end of prom or graduation may also mean saying goodbye to a part of their past. This can lead to distractions on the road and become a dangerous mix with inexperience behind the wheel.

They may go out of their way to indulge in some fun and perhaps have less focus on the task at hand. This increase also coincides with the high school graduation season, which is a very busy period for parents and teens looking to attend these events. These events can lead to distracted driving, speeding, and DUI charges. The recent spike in accidents during prom and graduation season has been attributed to the following reasons:

1. Distracted driving

This is the primary reason for these crashes during this time of year and any other time of year for that matter as well. Many teens can drive; however, they are not yet comfortable behind the wheel of a car and thus make many mistakes when they are on the road. During prom and graduation season, teens are apt to make even more mistakes than usual as they are excited about their events.

Parents can help their teens learn to stay safe while behind the wheel by setting a good example and having parents accompany the teens for at least some of the driving time.

2. Speeding

While on their way to and from prom or graduation, many teens travel at speeds that are considered unsafe, as well as they might not be familiar with the roads.

3. DUI’s

Teens often have a lot on their minds, such as prom and graduation season, and they do not want to get in trouble with their parents due to some minor mistake they might make. But when they get behind the wheel of a car, they may take it even further, leading to DUI charges. Parents often are not aware that their children are drinking and driving as these teens tend not to want to disappoint their parents, so they decide to do it in secret.

4. Peer pressure

Peer pressure is another reason for the spike in accidents during prom and graduation season. Peer pressure can cause teens to get behind the wheel of a car when they are tired, haven’t eaten, or even have been drinking. This is why it is so important to keep a close eye on your teen’s behavioral patterns, as you may be able to catch these signs before it is too late.

5. Teenagers want to celebrate with their friends

Many teenagers look forward to the excitement of attending their graduation or a prom. Some have even worked on their outfits for months. They are excited to participate and will take any risk to do so. This thought process leads many teens to drive when they shouldn’t and then get in an accident because they are not paying attention. This is especially prevalent during prom season, as many teenagers want to leave their friends and family behind but think they will be able to drive home after a few drinks.

6. Reckless driving

Another reason teens get in accidents during prom and graduation season is that they drive recklessly. They do not want to be seen as anything less than robust and virile, so they put their lives at risk to impress their friends. However, no teenager can fully understand the danger of speeding or being distracted until they are involved in one of these accidents.

It is important for parents to try and show their teenagers the sadness in other people’s eyes after these types of accidents. This may help teens realize that reckless driving will not make them look cool but will cause them grief. In the event of reckless driving causing an accident, you can seek legal services from a Florida auto accident law firm, which will help you handle your case and get the compensation you need.

7. Teenagers want to impress their friends

This may be due to peer pressure, but other factors may also come into play here. Some teens want to fit in with the crowd, and driving fast or driving while intoxicated is a way to impress their friends. This is not something they should be doing at age 18, 19, or 20. Partying and getting drunk may be acceptable at this age, but it should never be combined with driving.

8. Driver inexperience

Many teenagers have not gotten experience driving with their parents and don’t know how to drive responsibly. This can lead to reckless behavior on the road, resulting in an accident. If you have a teenager, make sure they get experience driving with you and that you take them out on the road and show them what safe driving is all about. This is especially important if they drive with their learner’s permit or license.

9. Driving with teen passengers

Many teenagers are under the impression that having a few of their friends in the car will make them safer drivers. While this may be true when they first get on the road, it is not something that should continue.

After a while, they will want to bring more friends, and then more and more. Eventually, their car may become too full for safe driving, leading to accidents. This can lead to distracted driving, where kids try to talk to each other instead of paying attention to the road.

10. Nighttime driving

Many accidents occur at night, which is when there is less visibility and harder to see. Some crashes are due to impairment by alcohol and/or drugs. This leads to many parents not allowing their teens to drive at night, but many teens don’t listen anyway. Make sure that your teenagers know about the dangers of nighttime driving and that you will not allow them to drive at night without a licensed driver in the car with them. This way, you can lessen or prevent the chances of an accident at night and still allow them to practice driving.

11. Drowsy driving

Studies have shown that teenagers are more susceptible to drowsy driving. They often leave school and go straight to work or another activity without sleeping. When they are tired, they are not thinking clearly and may make mistakes that lead to an accident.

Make sure your kids do not drive while they are tired, and if they do, make sure they get a good night’s sleep before doing so. You can also suggest that they take a nap or stop for some coffee instead. This will help them to stay alert while on the road.

12. Teenagers drive for socialization after school

This is a big reason why teens get in car accidents. They are driving and hanging out with friends and talking about their day. Teens need distraction-free time to make sure they are aware of the things happening around them. They need to focus on driving because they are not mature drivers yet. If you get a text message and start answering, you may rear-end the car in front of you and cause a Florida auto accident.

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