How are car crashes different from commercial truck accidents in palm beach county?

by Nov 4, 2021Auto Accident, Truck Accident

How are car crashes different from commercial truck accidents in palm beach county?

by Nov 4, 2021Auto Accident, Truck Accident

commercial truck accidents in palm beach county
commercial truck accidents in palm beach county

Are There Differences Between Car Crashes and Commercial Truck Accidents in Palm Beach County?

Truck accidents can be devastating to the parties involved. While car crashes and truck accidents share some similarities, there are also significant differences. For example, trucks weigh considerably more than cars, and according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), trucks account for nearly 70% of all vehicle-related fatalities during working hours.

Additionally, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), trucks have a higher rollover rate and a higher fatality rate in accidents than passenger cars.

If you have ever wondered what the difference between car accidents and commercial truck accidents in Palm Beach County is, then this article is for you!

We’ll talk about some of the main differences, how insurance companies treat truck accidents in Palm Beach County, and what you should do if you are involved in an accident. Knowing the differences between these two kinds of accidents can help you make better decisions about your safety and rights.

Different Federal Laws and Guidelines Apply to Truck Accidents in Palm Beach County

Passenger vehicles are generally required to observe state and Palm Beach County traffic laws.

Truck drivers, on the other hand, must follow federal regulations as well. They must, for example, adhere to Hours of Service restrictions, which specify how long they are permitted to drive when to take breaks, and, most critically, how they track their time.

The FMCSA and the US Department of Transportation both oversee commercial trucks. These departments have a strict set of standards that trucking companies and drivers must follow regarding maximum load weight, vehicle upkeep, securing loads, and among things.

The Type and Complexity of Injuries

The most evident difference between a truck and car accidents is the impact and complexity of the injuries and damage.

Large commercial trucks are intrinsically more likely to cause more significant damage in an accident due to their sheer size. Passenger cars typically weigh around 5,000 pounds. The maximum weight for a semi-truck is 80,000 pounds. When you consider the sheer size of a truck, which is about 70–80 feet long, the difference between the two vehicles becomes clear.

Trucks and cars also operate differently, which might play a role in determining who is to blame in an accident. Trucks, for example, take far longer to come to a complete stop than a conventional passenger car. They also make broader turns, take more gears to operate, and are more challenging to manage.

Due to their sheer mass and size, heavy truck accidents in Palm Beach County impact can be far more severe than a car crash.

Trucks Require Greater Amounts of Insurance Coverage

Trucking companies, especially those transporting hazardous products, must have substantially more insurance coverage than vehicle drivers due to numerous state and federal regulations.

Liability coverage for semi-trucks differs from that for cars. The average cost of insurance policy a trucker needs is determined by the following factors:

  • What the truck hauls
  • The cost of the truck
  • The distance the truck covers
  • Credit history
  • Experience

Since these policies are worth millions of dollars, insurance firms spend a lot of money contesting claims to protect their holdings. However, because of the high level of coverage, more funds will be available to compensate victims.

No insurance company wants to pay a judgment in court, but carriers who hold semi-truck coverage employ various strategies to avoid liability. They also try to blame the accident on the victims.

If a judge or jury determines that the truck driver isn’t entirely to blame, you may be compensated less, and your accident claim dismissed.

The trucker’s insurance company may contact you with a settlement offer in some situations. Speak with a Palm Beach County truck accident lawyer experienced in these types of disputes before accepting any amount of money.

Truck accidents in Palm Beach County can Involve Several Liable Parties

In most car accidents, just one or two persons are injured.

On the other hand, many more parties can be involved in a commercial truck accident, including the truck driver and the loading firms, parent trucking companies, service providers, and companies that make truck parts. In the event of an accident, any of these persons could be at fault.

In a cargo-related accident, for example, where objects aboard the truck spill onto the road and cause damage to other vehicles and people, both the loading firm and the driver may be to blame. If the truck driver was not at fault and the accident occurred due to faulty loading, the loading company has a greater share of the blame.

These types of information, manufacturing problems, violations of the Hours of Service regulations, and other variables that contributed to the crash should all be discovered during a detailed investigation of the accident.

Inexperienced lawyers often overlook the involvement of other parties. When the injuries are severe or fatal, failure by lawyers inexperienced with the law can result in the loss of further insurance policy limitations to compensate the victim or family. This is the reason why we advise you to hire only a reputable, trusted, and experienced Palm Beach County truck accident lawyer.

The Causes of Car and Truck accidents are Different

The cause of car crashes and commercial truck accidents differs in many ways. The leading cause of most car crashes is human error. It can be caused by fatigue, distraction, speeding, or even drunk driving.

On the other hand, the common cause of truck accidents is the sheer size of the trucks. Stopping quickly and making good turns are much more difficult.

Another prevalent cause of truck accidents is the failure of equipment. Different inspections on the truck are the responsibility of the truck business and the driver. A malfunction can arise if these check-ups are skipped. However, a malfunction could also be a manufacturing defect, resulting in a lawsuit against the truck’s manufacturer.

We Are Here to defend your rights

Truck accidents are far more complicated than other types of car accidents. The risk of serious injury, along with big insurance policies and federal laws, typically leads to lengthy and very intense legal battles that necessitate the services of an expert Palm Beach County truck accident lawyer.

The Bodden & Bennett Law Group are experts and one of the top-rated personal injury firms in the state. Our attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of accident victims. We will help pursue legal action and seek compensation to aid in your recovery and compensate you for any financial losses experienced from the accident. We understand the challenges you are having and are prepared to defend your rights.

Reach out to us for a free consultation to discuss your accident and injuries with a lawyer at Bodden & Bennett. You will not be required to pay any costs upfront if the firm takes your case. You will only pay if your lawsuit is settled or a definitive judgment is made against the liable party.

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